Menu checking

CFT_Menu_Checked_Logo_2016_FINALlowerOur menu checking service is a way for caterers to demonstrate that their menus meet the legal requirements of the school food standards, and that the food provided is offering children the nutrients and energy they need to do well. Once a menu has been checked by one of our team of expert nutritionists, you can use our “Menu Checked” logo for up to 12 months to show schools that their caterer’s menus meets the standards and reflects best practise.

If you’d like to find our more about how you can get your menu checked, please contact us.

If you’re a school and proud of the food you offer to children, join our award scheme and show off your commitment to helping children eat well.

If you’re then ready to take the next steps, you might want to join our award scheme.

The following local authorities and private caterers meet all of the relevant standards or guidelines and national best practice demonstrating their commitment to providing healthy food and drink to children.

Early Years caterers and chains

The Nursery Catering Company, West Midlands (summer 15 and winter 16 menus)
Toad Hall Nursery Group, Hertfordshire (spring/summer 15, autumn/winter 15/16 and spring 16 menus)
Zebedee’s Lunch Box, Sussex (autumn/winter 15/16 and summer 16 menus)
Healthy Roots, Kent (autumn/winter 15/16 menus)
Bright Horizons Nurseries, nationwide (spring/summer 16 menus)
Cupcakes Catering, West Midlands (spring 16 menus)
Square Pear, North Somerset, (autumn 16 menu)

School caterers

Sefton Council (autumn/winter 14/15 and autumn/winter 15/16 menus)
West Sussex Council (spring/summer 15, autumn winter 15/16 and spring/summer 16 menus)
Bolton Council (spring/summer 15 and autumn/winter 15/16 menus)
Newham Council (spring/summer 15, autumn/winter 15/16 and summer 16 menus)
Easy Lunch Company in West Sussex (spring/summer 15, autumn/winter 15/16 and summer 16 menus)
Norse Caterers in Devon (spring 16 menus)
Norse Caterers in Norfolk (autumn/winter 15/16 menus)
Fresh Start Catering, Northants (Summer 16, Autumn 16 menus)
West Sussex Council (spring/summer 15, autumn winter 15/16 and spring/summer 16, autumn/winter 16/17 menus)
Chartwells West Sussex (Autumn/winter 15/16, Spring 16 and Autumn 16 menus)