Unilever Food Solutions

Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) has teamed up with us to help school caterers make sense of the ever-changing school meals environment. We share a common goal to create a generation of well-fed, healthy, forward-thinking children who will change the world for the better. UFS logo

Together, we’ve produced a guide for school caterers that will help them meet the school food standards while offering simple tips to start them on their journey to achieving one of our new awards. We’ve also created a selection of recipes that school caterers can use when developing a menu that meets the School Food Standards in England.

We’ve trained the salesforce at UFS to guarantee they’re delivering exactly what school caterers need while ensuring they’re kept bang up-to-date on how the different food standards impact school caterers across the UK.  Our training has also equipped the team with the knowledge to help school caterers meet legislation on allergens and Ofsted requirements.