11 Easy picture recipes to get your kids cooking

cooking boy

It might seem like the last thing you feel like doing when the kids come home from school, but getting in the kitchen to cook as a family really can be fun, and the results are delish!

Despite not yet having my own children, I’ve had my fair share of kid-aided culinary disasters with nieces, nephews and my friends’ children. I’ve tasted stodgy soups, burnt bread and overcooked omelettes – with added egg shells. And don’t get me started on the mess. But that’s all part of the fun…no really, it is.

And in the midst of all that I’ve learned so much from cooking with my nieces, nephews and friends kids. When children are busy they like to chat. We’ve talked about food, cooking, favourite recipes and each other.

To make life a little easier we’ve got a brilliant collection of picture recipes with step-by-step instructions so your kids can understand every task in a recipe. As we all know kids have a limited attention span – but with your supervision and these quick reference recipes, they’ll love to pour, wash, mix, sift, rub-in, mash, touch, taste and smell.

Picture recipe group

This recipe collection is ideal for beginners, children with special educational needs and people with low literacy levels too. Check out our collection of tasty picture recipes for main meals, sides and desserts.

By Children’s Food Trust communications officer Samantha Woodhead