Three tiers for Mother’s Day!


With Mother’s Day just around the corner it’s that time when my brother, Haydn, 19, sister, Hayley, 17, and me, 23, have the ‘so what are we going to get for mum this year?’ conversation.

Normally the chat involves a lot of ‘I don’t know, what do you think?’ followed by suggestions of flowers and chocolates. So this year I suggest afternoon tea. From my Facebook feed it seems that anyone and everyone is doing it. I do my research. Unfortunately I find a three-tier cake stand of reasons why we won’t be taking mum out this year:

1. The cost – even a moderate afternoon tea for the four of us is well out of our student budgets.

2. Availability – finding a table at even the corner café seems to be impossible on Mother’s Day.

3. Health – mum’s trying to be careful with what she eats and most teas are off the Richter when it comes to sugar and fat.

Then I think why don’t we make something? After all, mum still has the gargoyle I crafted out of clay when I was 12.

me and mum with caption

Unfortunately my siblings aren’t quite so enthusiastic. My idea is met with a very quick ‘no’ from Haydn.

“Do you remember that time when we made mum chocolate truffles but we didn’t put them in the fridge so they all just melted into one massive truffle that we just covered in sprinkles to make it look remotely tasty?” he asks.

“And what about the time we tried to do poached eggs for breakfast but we were so rubbish we ended up having to do it over and over again,” Hayley says. “Dad had to go and buy us more eggs because we used so many to get it right?”

siblings with captiomIt looks like I’m going to have a battle on my hands persuading them that this is a good idea.

I loved baking with Mum when we were little. She showed me how to measure and what order to mix things in.

The best bit was licking the bowl. The second best bit was seeing everyone’s happy faces when they tucked into the cakes I’d made. I’ve never forgotten the warm feeling it gave me inside.

None of this solves my problem of what to get mum for Mother’s Day. I’m still pondering when I arrive at my uni work placement at the Children’s Food Trust. As I look through the dozens of tasty recipes on Let’s Get Cooking at Home I start to have an idea. We have healthy recipes for all kinds of sandwiches, salads, finger food and cakes – everything we need to create our own afternoon tea.

I call Haydn and Hayley and with a bit of sweet talking I get them on board.

So next weekend when café’s all around the country are bursting at the seams our mum will be enjoying an exclusive homemade afternoon tea served with a huge dollop of love.

Take a look at our afternoon tea recipe collection for some inspiration for your very own mother’s day treat!

By Hannah Mullane, Children’s Food Trust intern (and model daughter)