Let’s Get Cooking at College

The Childen's Food Trust at Titus Salt School, Baildon, West Yorkshire. 11.04.16


For young adults about to make their own way in the world learning to cook is an essential skill that will take them another step closer to living independently. Being part of a Let’s Get Cooking club at college will equip students with the skills and knowledge to cook for themselves at home, plan meals and stick to a food budget. Through our partnership with the SSP Foundation, they can also gain an insight into working in the food industry.

Here are all of the resources trainers will need to run their cookery sessions.


A guide to running cooking session

Cooking and demonstrating with groups

Food customs of different religious and cultural groups

Cooking club equipment list

Food hygiene and safety checklist

Club risk assessment

Correct peeling and chopping techniques

Good practice presentation and training techniques

How our recipes are nutritionally analysed

Food allergens in our recipes

The Eatwell Guide

Takeaway to makeaway

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s Get Cooking at College Session Plans

Session Plan 1

Session Plan 2

Session Plan 3

Session Plan 4


A sweet night in


Cooking skills

Before you start cooking


Mini flatbread pizza with variety of toppings
Mackerel pasta salad
Summer salad
Brilliant burgers
Roast potato wedges(if ovens available)
Sweet potato wedges (if ovens available)
Barbecue tomato sauce
Spaghetti bolognese
Herby garlic bread (if ovens available)
St Clements drink
Spicy chicken fajitas
Chilli enchiladas
Mexican tomato salsa
Fruity yoghurt cups
Elderflower apple fizz
Speedy chicken biryani
Chicken rogan josh
Fresh peach chutney
Cucumber raita
Mango and banana sunset lassi
Naan bread
Traffic light rice
Easy pilau rice


End of course survey  for young people