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New on our blog: "School food contracts ‘driving down food quality’? I don’t think so."

A blog from our Chief Executive Judy Hargadon on comments made by Iceland boss Malcolm Walker

Our Chief Executive Judy Hargadon OBE

Our Chief Executive, Judy Hargadon, has blogged in response to comments made by Iceland boss Malcolm Walker about declining quality of food in supermarkets.

She says:

"So, as the horsemeat scandal continues to unfold, Iceland boss Malcolm Walker reckons local authorities contracting for school food are partly to blame for the wider issue of the poor quality of some food on sale to us on the high street.

"Quite how this argument stacks up is beyond me. We all know that the dismal age of compulsory competitive tendering during the 80s and early 90s had an impact on the quality of food served in schools, sending it in precisely the wrong direction. That’s why things changed..."

Read Judy's blog in full.