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Lessons from school food could be a tonic in hospitals

We respond to a new report on hospital food

The charity Sustain has published a new report on hospital food - concluding that voluntary initiatives to improve food for patients haven't delivered the transformation needed. It's recommending all hospitals should have to meet minimum standards for their food, as schools should.

Our Chief Executive, Judy Hargadon, says: "There's an enormous amount to be learned from the work of early years settings and schools to transform their food in recent years and it makes complete sense for hospitals to use this learning. Just as places where we teach our children shouldn't sell foods full of empty calories, nor should places where we're trying to help people to get well."

It follows similar calls in a report from the Academy of Royal Medical Colleges earlier this week.

Read what's been achieved using standards in schools and how we're helping early years settings to improve their food with standards that work for under-fives.