This course is for people who are involved in the procurement of school food. Procurement is the process involved in buying goods and services. So for school food this might involve purchasing ingredients, cooking equipment, serving equipment, uniforms, selecting your catering supplier or other goods and services.

All local authority-maintained, academy and free schools are funded by public money. Everyone spending public money has to make sure it’s done openly and transparently, and that we’re all getting good value as taxpayers. That means you have a legal obligation to understand and comply with a set of basic rules on procurement.

This course will help you understand the basic rules and the procurement decision making process. It guides you through the different procurement options available for you, depending on the size of your procurement budget.

Please note that this course is an introduction to procurement. Before you start the procurement process we recommend that you consult a procurement expert.

Through step-by-step information, this course aims to help you:

  • understand the basic procurement rules and why they are important
  • understand how to choose suppliers following the correct procedures
  • understand the different options for your school when procuring goods and services
  • understand how to make an informed judgement when procuring.

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