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How can I give my staff a boost and help them stay healthy?

Learning to cook is a good way to strengthen relationships and for them to have fun - find out more here.

How can I give my staff a boost and help them stay healthy?

We know from our work with employers that learning healthy cooking can give staff a real, lasting health boost. Learning to cook is a fun and practical way for employees to learn more about health and wellbeing, and research shows it makes a real difference to the foods people eat.

You can get your staff started with some of our easy to follow Let’s Get Cooking recipes – from healthy breakfasts and snacks, through to family meals. Even better, give your staff one of our hands-on Cook Well, Work Well courses. We can provide everything from short sample sessions to team-building days and training courses. We’ve received some fantastic feedback from staff who have attended our sessions, from lorry drivers and hospital porters, through to football coaches and office managers:

"I now have a better awareness of portion sizes and nutritional food values on processed foods. I feel I have more energy and have even joined an exercise class. My concentration is also much better."
(Staff member, Derby City Hospital)

"Cook Well, Work Well has helped me massively – I have already lost three quarters of a stone since taking part.” (Staff member, British Gas)

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